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A business-like approach. A community of peers with shared principles. A comprehensive strategy and capabilities to support you. Invest with us to get results addressing our country’s toughest issues.

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“My wife Carlyse and I decided to give a huge portion of our estate because we’re accomplishing so much more in partnership with Stand Together than we could ever hope to accomplish on our own.”


Founder and Chairman Emeritus, The Wine Group (the second-largest wine company in America)


You know solutions exist. So why are the country’s biggest problems getting worse?

For decades, our society has too often fallen into the trap of taking a top-down, one-size-fits-all approach to address the more pressing challenges. But things only seem to be getting worse — with millions of people falling behind.

There’s a better way. You can help make it a reality.

Your investment can help overcome the problems that should have been solved decades ago. Together, we can move America closer to the promise of the Declaration of Independence — helping every person reach their full potential.

Stand Together embraces a bottom-up approach. We help you empower a diversity of people to tackle challenges, harnessing everyone’s skills, knowledge, and experiences to discover and scale the solutions our country needs.

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You can help America EMERGE STRONGER from the crises of the past couple years. Emerge Stronger is our biggest initiative ever.

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“Stand Together helps me amplify my philanthropy by bringing together the right capabilities and talents, allowing me to leverage my time and resources in the most useful ways to help a new generation of entrepreneurs change the world.”


Founder and Former CEO of MediConnect Global

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