Health Care

Decades of one-size-fits-all solutions have made health care cost too much and deliver too little. Making health care work for all starts with personalization and choice.

It’s time to reimagine health care

Every man, woman, and child in our country should be able to access the health care they need. And because health care is so personal, everyone should be able to choose the health care arrangement that is right for them.

Unfortunately, America’s health care system makes that impossible. Public policies have shifted control over health care spending to third-party payers (government, insurance companies, employers) and added complexity at every turn. The result has been to limit patient choices and remove incentives for lowering costs. Meanwhile, health care providers and entrepreneurs have been hindered by red tape that limits life-enhancing innovations.

The Stand Together community is working to change that. We partner with doctors, nurses, researchers, and policymakers who are empowering individuals and families with more and better options while liberating health care professionals to provide higher quality care. That includes embracing innovation and markets that maximize value for consumers. And it includes building a better safety net to support families through hard times while empowering them with more agency over their lives.

As a result of these efforts, 66 policy reforms have been enacted across 26 states that empower patients and doctors with more choices, 46 new academic and policy scholars are being supported in 2023 at leading institutions such as Johns Hopkins University and University of Chicago, and more than 10 million people now have more access to mental health care through local nonprofit and private-sector options.

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