Strong & Safe Communities

Communities are springboards to success and safety nets for those who fall on hard times — because those who are closest to a problem are often best able to solve it.

Every person empowered

Stand Together’s vision is for strong and safe communities of engaged citizens committed to breaking cycles of poverty, bridging divides, and empowering every person to realize their full potential. Our work focuses on shifting paradigms from one of deficiency, in which people are problems to be controlled, to contribution, in which people are sources of solutions to be empowered.

Unfortunately, millions of Americans face obstacles that keep them from flourishing. Poverty, social division, addiction, and stagnant economic mobility are just some of the factors holding society back. Worse, Americans no longer have faith in the social sector’s ability, much less their community’s ability, to solve these problems. Social trust is at an all-time low and our communities are overcome by toxic division.

Stand Together community partners are changing the way people think about, talk about, and tackle these challenges. That includes accelerating innovations that bring new, disruptive ideas to the social sector, initiatives around the ideas of empowerment, collaborations that bring people together to catalyze solutions, and storytelling and thought leadership that connects the dots between those solutions and the principles that drive them.

As a result of these efforts, more than 1 million people are empowered annually to break the cycle of poverty, 250,000 people are overcoming addiction through peer-to-peer support, and 20,000 community leaders are working to bridge divides and unite people to make their communities safer.

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