The Economy

Human ingenuity knows no bounds. An economy that harnesses the unique gifts and contributions of everyone can ensure America’s best days lie ahead.

Unleashing an economy that works for all

We live in a period of unprecedented progress — economic, technological, social — but not everyone shares in that progress. While many people are getting ahead, many others are being left behind. How our country chooses to respond is among the greatest challenges of our time.

The stakes couldn’t be any higher. Today 75% of Americans think the country is headed in the wrong direction. Just look at the economy. Inflation caused by reckless government spending rewards an honest day’s work with lower living standards. Entrepreneurship and innovation are being stifled by regulations and administrative red tape. And the economy is increasingly rigged, with policymakers putting a thumb on the scale to favor special interests at the expense of small businesses and those without the right connections.

Many understandably wonder whether our best days are behind us. And those who see progress as zero-sum — where success for some means less for others — are taking advantage of this uncertainty and seek to manage every problem through mandates and control. These top-down ideas, from restricting legal immigration, to slowing the pace of innovation, to dictating Americans’ energy choices, are harmful to businesses, entrepreneurs, innovators, and individuals.

Stand Together partners believe in an economy of abundance, one in which success for some means success for others, and where prosperity is a rising tide that lifts all boats. The key is innovation-driven growth that enables people to realize their potential by contributing to the lives of others. Breaking the cycle of generational poverty, fostering upward mobility, and creating life-changing innovation require economic freedom, a strong civil society, and principled businesses that empower people from the bottom up.

As a result of our partners’ efforts, since 2021, more than $3 trillion dollars of inflationary federal spending has been prevented. States across the country have enacted major regulatory reforms that free innovators from bureaucracy. And more than 2 million entrepreneurs and jobseekers have been empowered through occupational licensing reforms across the country.


Throughout our country’s history, immigrants have brought new perspectives, new ideas, new innovations, and new ways of doing things. Without their contributions — both to our economy and our culture — America wouldn’t have the kind of progress and prosperity that have made ours the most successful country in history. That’s why, as part of our efforts to unleash the economy, the Stand Together community supports an immigration system that welcomes any person who comes here to contribute while keeping out those who would do our country harm.

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