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When student loans didn’t work, 3 learners used these innovations to fund their educations 

Student loans do not work for everyone, yet many feel they have no choice. These success stories show a world beyond student loans is possible.

Why youth impacted by the justice system are serving food during Super Bowl week

Café Momentum’s Super Bowl Media Center pop-up event is showcasing how justice-impacted youth are turning their lives around by serving food and sharing their stories.

What are the right questions to be asking about U.S.-Ukraine relations right now?

As the Ukraine conflict reaches an impasse, understanding the shifting U.S.-Ukraine dynamics is crucial. This article navigates the complexities of the situation, offering insights into the political and humanitarian challenges at play.

How this innovative affordable housing solution addresses high rent one room at a time

The U.S. has been facing a housing affordability crisis for decades. PadSplit is providing a mutually beneficial solution for both renters and landlords that exhibits how some solutions are most effective when they start with the people closest to the issue.

A tutor for every student and assistant for every teacher? This education innovator is working to make it a reality  

AI-powered personal tutors and assistants can provide personalized tutoring to students and assistant support to teachers who wouldn’t otherwise have it.

How to prioritize potential over perfection, to maximize your impact

Adrien Lewis, founder of CarePortal, emphasizes the importance of starting imperfectly when pursuing a social cause. Aspiring changemakers don't need to be perfect from the beginning — and his experience with building CarePortal is his testament.