Acts of kindness give new hope to Dallas families during COVID-19

Two children sewing with a woman

Many residents of Dallas, TX have been hit hard, physically and economically, during the COVID-19 pandemic. The city has some of the most impoverished neighborhoods in the state and reports some of the highest numbers for people with chronic health conditions such as with diabetes and heart disease.

But in the face of this crisis the community (individuals, churches, nonprofits, businesses and more) are coming together to share acts of kindness and help neighbors meet their needs and stay connected. 

Now, these acts of kindness can have an even greater impact. #GiveTogetherNow, a national effort, created a city-wide challenge in Dallas to bring $500,000 in relief funds for Dallas families. The challenge will recognize each of up to 1,000 true acts of kindness with $500 in direct cash assistance for a family impacted by the pandemic.

Here’s how it works: Acts of kindness, however small or large, posted to social media using #GiveTogetherNowDallas and tagging Stand Together Foundation can provide $500 cash assistance directly to families most affected by the pandemic. People can post either acts they have done themselves, acts they have seen others do, or acts that have received. It’s that simple.

These funds are already proving to be life changing for thousands of individuals and families across the country. Check out the impact this effort is having on Dallas families, specifically, and some of the ways people have shared kindness with their neighbors:

These Dallas co-workers held a social distance surprise party for their CEO’s 8th year work anniversary to thank him for his leadership. They showed their appreciation and congratulations by decorating their cars! In recognition of this act of kindness, #GiveTogetherNow is contributing $500 direct cash assistance to a family.

Dallas nonprofit, Urban Specialists, surprised this mother who had been laid off from work with groceries and a cash token of encouragement. In recognition of this act of kindness, #GiveTogetherNow is contributing $500 direct cash assistance to a family.

This Dallas family surprised their elderly mother/grandmother on her birthday by singing “Happy Birthday” and Easter Sunday songs with her and her assisted living neighbors to spread joy and hope since she has been unable to see her family and grandchildren due to the pandemic. In recognition of this act of kindness, #GiveTogetherNow is contributing $500 direct cash assistance to a family.

Brandon Baca, CEO of a nonprofit called Attack Poverty, and board member Nicolas Van delivered 500 masks and gloves to AccessHealth community health center. As a result of this act of kindness, a family will receive $500 in direct cash assistance.

Michelle, a cosmetologist in North Dallas, lost her job due to the pandemic and plans to use the money she received to pay rent and keep her business open. She shared, “I would like to extend my deepest appreciation for the funds that Give Together Now provided for me. It has been a blessing. I have been out of work for weeks. At first, we thought it was going to be a couple of weeks, but as we all know it has gone further than anyone could imagine….Your generosity has not only lightened a load it, but it gives me faith to keep pushing. I will find a way. I want to thank everyone again so much.”

Kizzy received $500 direct cash assistance from the #GiveTogetherNow campaign. She shared how the dollars have helped her and her daughter tremendously during very difficult circumstances. Kizzy recently lost her husband to COVID-19, and the dollars came at an opportune time to help her and her daughter get through this tragic time together.

Adrian was struggling with addiction when he found nonprofit Back on My Feet through the Salvation Army Recovery Center in Dallas. At Back on My Feet, he got connected to the family, support, and commitment he needed to make his recovery stick and move his life forward. Adrian has since moved into sober living, and earned a good job working locally in retail. When COVID-19 hit, however, he was furloughed and worried about making his rent payments. Adrian received funds from the #GiveTogetherNow effort and used the money to help pay rent while he was furloughed, allowing him to keep a roof over his head. Below is a photo of Adrian giving back, even in times of his own struggle. While furloughed, he helped out at the recovery facility, cleaning off the roof!

Cierra, a vocational student with Catholic Charities Forth Worth, is living with her aunt, and they both lost their jobs due to layoffs. Cierra received the #GiveTogetherNow funds and used the money to help her aunt pay rent. She graduates this month to become an ultrasound technician and just completed her registry to officially make her a registered sonographer!

If you live anywhere in the Dallas Fort-Worth Metroplex, you can submit your act of kindness to help reach the goal of 1,000 acts of kindness rippling throughout the city! Learn more about this effort and how to make a submission by visiting  

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