Amplifying the voice of leading criminal justice reform advocate in a new partnership

Fox and Friends hosts pose with Alice Marie Johnson on a couch outdoors in Miami

Bright and early on Miami Beach during Super Bowl weekend, Fox and Friends hosted Alice Marie Johnson as she announced her plans to join the Stand Together team as an advocate to amplify her work in reforming the nation’s criminal justice system.

After serving 21 years of a life-without-parole sentence for a nonviolent crime, Alice was released from prison through an act of presidential clemency, after many influential voices—including Kim Kardashian West—played an active role amplifying her story.

Her story captivated millions and brought the need for criminal justice reform to the forefront of the national conversation. After her sentence was commuted, Alice partnered with Stand Together Senior Vice President, Mark Holden, and advocated for the successful passage of the historic bipartisan First Step Act—which just reached its one year anniversary.

Now, Johnson is continuing to advocate for others like her through this new partnership.

“There are too many people – good people – lost in the criminal justice system. I’m excited to join Stand Together to supercharge my efforts to help every person rise. Together, we will work to uplift our communities, help businesses embrace second-chance hiring, and support policies that will reimagine the justice system so that sentencing is reasonable and proportionate, and rehabilitation is possible and prioritized for all,” says Alice.

Alice was joined by Shaun Alexander, a Stand Together partner, who shares her passion for criminal justice reform. Shaun is leveraging his passion and influence to advocate on behalf of youth involved in the criminal justice system by helping Cafe Momentum scale its impact across the country.

Hear from Alice and Shaun on Fox and Friends.

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