Can a boxing gym help solve Detroit poverty? Downtown Boxing Gym is doing just that.


How is Downtown Boxing Gym fighting poverty and sustaining a 100% high-school graduation rate among its students?

What is Downtown Boxing Gym?

DBG is a holistic, community-led after-school program that is personalized, helping each student discover and develop their unique gifts. The program was founded by Khali Sweeney, a community member that grew up facing the same problems his organization solves each day. Whereas many after-school programs suffer from substantial attrition, boxing brings students to the door and keeps them coming back.

The true purpose of DBG is fighting poverty through academic support. Staff and volunteers provide year-round tutoring to students who commit to attend the program at least three days per week. To supplement the boxing program, the gym provides hands-on science experiments and field trips, as well as assistance with scholarships, test-prep, and college applications.

Downtown Boxing Gym’s impact

Its impact on academic success is outstanding. Not only have 100% of participants graduated high school since the program launched, but many have also gone on to pursue education for life, graduating college and earning degrees ranging from engineering to law enforcement.

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