Common Ground shows D.C. what unites us

NFL Legend Shaun Alexander poses with two people as they open a door at a pop-up event

In early November, Stand Together brought Common Ground, its experiential pop-up installation, to the D.C. Wharf, attracting the attention of many in the nation’s capital, including Hill staffers, national media outlets, and even NFL Legend Shaun Alexander and pro-football colleague Dhani Jones.

Launched earlier this fall in Miami, the traveling exhibit aims at fostering much-needed conversations about immigration. Its key message highlights the simple fact that there is more that unites us than divides us—even when it comes to contentious immigration issues.

The pop-up features nine doors that, when opened, offered attendees various videos aimed at sparking conversations about immigration.

The exhibit will make an additional 10 stops in 2020.

Explore the Common Ground experience.