Recidiviz’s Jacoby Clementine on data-driven criminal justice reform

Clementine Jacoby

When it comes to criminal justice in America, most of us agree that reform is necessary. But how can we ensure that we are not just making change for the sake of change, and that the laws we do enforce are working? Clementine Jacoby and her team at Recidiviz have a fascinating answer to this question — and an innovative technology solution to bare.

Recidiviz has identified an important gap for good decision-making on criminal justice reform: the lack of real-time data or processes to drive effective solutions. The Stand Together community is partnering with Recidiviz to support the expansion of their technology, provide leadership coaching, and to leverage their data for real-time policy reform efforts. Hear from Clementine as she talks about the organization’s technology platform that helps criminal-justice leaders build a road to sustainably reduce the prison population. The goal? A smaller and fairer criminal justice system that keeps individuals out of prison and on a path to success.

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