Equal justice for all

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The challenges to equitable policing may seem impossible to solve, and it’s hard to know where to begin. But there’s a way forward — and it starts by uniting Americans on the ground and in our communities. It starts with the people closest to the problems themselves. It starts with you.

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Policing in America just isn’t working well for many — least of all Black Americans, police officers, and communities where peaceful protests have given way to destructive riots. Groups on both sides pitted people against each other and forced them to choose between equal justice and public safety.  

But that’s a false choice. Instead of drawing lines and pitting people against each other, let’s bridge divides and unite to make policing work for everyone. Here’s how we’re working to do it:  

Focus policing on more serious crimes. Most arrests in America are for non-violent offenses, like marijuana possession. We can stop criminalizing these offenses so police officers can focus on reducing and solving serious crimes that harm people.  

Stop creating bad policies for police to enforce. We can eliminate policies like unnecessary fines and fees and civil asset forfeiture and replace them with alternatives for good policing that keeps everyone safe.  

Help the people who need help. We can increase access to community solutions to poverty, mental illness, and addiction, instead of throwing people behind bars. 

Equal justice for all won’t happen overnight — but together we can make a difference in the lives of millions of individuals across America to whom equal justice has not been served.  

Join us in our effort to make policing work for everyone and empower members of the community and law enforcement to keep our communities safe — with security and equal justice for all.