Getting money to the families who need it most

A woman and man help a child trace the man's hand

The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting every aspect of people’s lives across the globe. But for some, this crisis is hitting harder than others. Wages for many hard-working families have dried up overnight as retail, transportation, hospitality, childcare, and restaurant industries are shuttered due to measures taken to stop the spread of COVID-19, and many have taken on new responsibilities to care for their family.

People are resilient, but what many need now, more than ever, is the financial and social capital to come out stronger in the end. 

That’s why Stand Together is partnering with the Family Independence Initiative (FII) to launch #GiveTogetherNow, a rapid-response effort to get money directly to the families who need it most, quickly. And we want you to be a part of it. 

“The economic hardship that families are enduring as a result of the response to the coronavirus crisis is growing by the day,” said Brian Hooks, CEO of Stand Together. “#GiveTogetherNow will ensure people who need assistance the most will get the support they need, and they will get it quickly. It’s a strong example of people coming together to help each other.”

As you read this, dozens of community organizations are collaborating to identify families who have been impacted by this crisis. We hope that within a matter of days, the #GiveTogetherNow campaign will mobilize millions of dollars and lift the hopes of thousands of families.  

Today, you can contribute to #GiveTogetherNow and 100% of your dollars will be deployed to a family who needs it. Through the platform, you will also be able to see the impact that those dollars have in the lives of families and communities.  

Direct investment is critical right now, and we believe families are the ones who know best what they need most. To jumpstart the emergency fund, Stand Together Foundation is committing $5 million to help the first 10,000 families and to encourage others to join.

We invite you today to join us and make a contribution to a family. 

The social fabric that holds us together during these times is not breaking. Instead it’s being woven together more tightly. Family to family, neighbor for neighbor, people are stepping up to take care of our own in the most practical way. And you can too.  


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