How the Stand Together community has helped millions during COVID

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The COVID-19 pandemic has touched every aspect of our lives, changing how we live, work, learn, and engage in our communities. Stand Together is doing all we can to promote individual and community healing through all four institutions of government, business, education, and communities. Since the pandemic’s onset in the United States more than 18 months ago, the Stand Together community has mobilized to help people:

  • Via a joint national rapid-response initiative with FII called GiveTogetherNow, Stand Together raised $130 million for more than 240,000 struggling families who were financially impacted by COVID-19.
  • The Stand Together Foundation helped local nonprofits continue to provide vital services to communities through #HelpTheHelpers, a campaign that raised over $5.8 million.
  • Stand Together cofounded the SkillUp Together Fund, a $30 million initiative supporting up to 30,000 workers displaced by COVID-19 with training, equipment, and special support services to find employment.
  • With the VELA Education Fund (@VELAEdFund), Stand Together announced the Meet the Moment grant program and $2.4 million in funding to support families, educators, and social entrepreneurs building and leading innovative initiatives to support continued student learning.

A crisis of this magnitude requires a comprehensive approach with people from all walks of life contributing in whatever way they can. There is much more we can and will do as this crisis continues and Stand Together is committed to partnering with incredible individuals and organizations to:

  • Help neighbors in need. Provide a way for millions of Americans to help those whose lives have been thrown into disarray by the COVID-19 health and economic crisis, demonstrating the power of bottom-up solutions.
  • Get America safely back to work. Enable business to play a key role in defining a path to restart the economy while protecting employees, consumers, and public health.
  • Drive public policy solutions that help every person rise. Achieve reforms at the state and federal level that (1) drive rapid economic recovery without bankrupting the country or giving in to special interest cronyism, (2) improve the health care system to enable innovation and better health care for all Americans so we don’t repeat the mistakes of the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Empower students to thrive outside the walls of a classroom. Drive innovation and help more students access individualized education, ensuring they don’t just keep up, but thrive — now and in the future.

If you’re looking to help others in this time of crisis, want to raise needs that Stand Together can help address, or have ideas about what more can be done, please email us at

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