How to prioritize potential over perfection, to maximize your impact

Adrien Lewis, founder of CarePortal, emphasizes the importance of starting imperfectly when pursuing a social cause. Aspiring changemakers don’t need to be perfect from the beginning — and his experience with building CarePortal is his testament.

Despite having limited knowledge about technology and not being an app developer, he introduced an early, imperfect version of the CarePortal app for use in local communities. The app aimed to connect families in crisis with community members willing to help, and despite its clunkiness, it succeeded, garnering support from users who tolerated the poor user interface.

This early success gave Adrien and his team the confidence to refine and improve the app. His key message is that by introducing an idea to the public, even in its rudimentary stage, its true potential can be unlocked. He encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to take the first step, innovate, and continuously improve based on feedback.