Stand Together’s partnership with Love Has No Limits will mobilize thousands of volunteers

Love Has No Limits volunteer handing out boxes

Love Has No Limits (LHNL), a collaborative volunteer movement of organizations from around the world, and Stand Together Foundation are partnering to address poverty, homelessness, the growing need for foster care, and other pressing issues. Stand Together Foundation has committed $1 million to help fund LHNL’s seven initiatives, including the 1DayLA effort, which is bringing together faith communities in and around Los Angeles and mobilizing tens of thousands of people for a week-long series of volunteer events. The week of service will serve as a blueprint for similar initiatives in major cities across the country.

“Our mission to activate families and individuals into a lifestyle of service was amplified through the meaningful partnership with Stand Together Foundation,” said Dominic Russo, co-founder of the Love Has No Limits campaign. “In addition to the financial support, they introduced us to strategic partners as well as new capabilities that strengthened our impact for communities across L.A. County.”

The ongoing partnership will help to advance the shared goal of creating bottom-up solutions to society’s toughest issues by:

  • Activating more than 20,000 volunteers to participate in the week of service opportunities (July 18-24) leading up to the culminating event, 1DayLA.
  • Strengthening communities by developing 650+ active “serve centers” in Southern California to benefit surrounding neighborhoods.
  • Eliminating $47 million in medical debt for 23,000 families across L.A.
  • Activating 1,500 households to pursue fostering or adoption by August 1, 2021, as roughly 700 children currently await adoption in L.A. County alone. This includes support from Stand Together Foundation Catalyst partner, Safe Families for Children, which provides a nurturing, temporary home for children while giving parents needed resources to get them back on their feet.
  • Engaging 35 prisons with rehabilitative and reentry support so that those returning to society are equipped for success.
  • Addressing the growing homelessness problem by aligning ministries that serve the 66,000 homeless individuals currently in L.A.

“Stand Together Foundation is proud to partner with Love Has No Limits on its ongoing initiatives and 1DayLA as part of our mission to transform lives and change the way we tackle problems in society,” said Evan Feinberg, executive director of Stand Together Foundation. “Love Has No Limits likes to say that they are going to show Los Angeles the greatest sign of love the city has ever seen. We are thrilled to support them in that effort, because we believe the best solutions to poverty come from relationship and empowerment from the bottom-up. Their example has the power to spark a movement within communities to better love and serve our neighbors – and show the country how to solve big problems like poverty.”

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