#ThrivingThroughFood: Pati Jinich explores top immigrant-owned D.C. restaurants

Pati Jinich exploring Immigrant-Owned Restaurants

In every corner of the United States, there are stories of individuals who have journeyed from distant lands to call this country home. They bring with them more than just the hopes and dreams of a safer, more prosperous future – they introduce us to a wealth of talents, skills, and contributions that enrich our economy and strengthen our local communities.

Their unique experiences also bring mouthwatering cuisines from around the world into America’s neighborhoods.

In the latest episodes of “Thriving Through Food” Season 2, Stand Together partner and show host Pati Jinich takes us on a culinary journey in her current hometown of Washington D.C., revealing some of her favorite places for immigrant cuisine. These are places where diverse cultures coalesce and are celebrated, their flavors serving as an enduring testament to the resilience and adaptability of those who make America their home.

Check out these hubs of culture, taste, and tenacity, and uncover the authentic flavors that add that extra spice to the American way of life.

Pati Jinich favorite places: El Sol and Mexican Queso Fundido

El Sol is owned by Pati’s friend chef Alfredo Solis, who also hails from Mexico and has thrived in the U.S. through sharing the culture and cuisine of his homeland. In this episode, you’ll learn more about Chef Alfredo’s immigration story and some pro tips for how to make El Sol’s famous queso fundido.

Pati Jinich favorite places: D Light Café & Bakery and Ukrainian Borscht

D Light Café & Bakery was built from the ground up by Ukrainian immigrants including Chef Aleksandr Tkalenko, a famous chef in Europe who came to the U.S. about a year and a half ago. Watch the episode to learn more about Chef Aleksandr and his mouth-watering borscht, which derives from an ancient soup and is a favorite of Ukrainians and American foodies alike.

Pati Jinich favorite places: Bayou Bakery and Cuban Cafecito

Bayou Bakery is a New Orleans-style spot, but every Wednesday at the restaurant’s Arlington, VA location, Chef David Guas offers a Cuban menu to honor his father’s Cuban roots. In this episode, you’ll learn more about Chef David and the traditional Cuban Cafecito, which has the kick of an espresso but a taste that makes for a uniquely flavorful experience.

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