“Rapid reskilling” is the future of fulfilling work


“I was feeling that life was passing me by.” Bronx native Jeremey Morel found himself depressed and desperate for a change in his dead-end job, feeling like he had no prospects in sight or a chance to truly realize his potential. He had a job, but was not getting paid enough; he knew he wanted a career, but was not sure how to get the training he would need to get one.

What is Rapid Reskilling?

Morel isn’t alone. Millions of people are finding themselves unable to change careers to fulfilling job with advancement opportunities because they are missing the skills required to do them. And employers are suffering, too, with openings to fill and no one to fill them.

The SkillUp Coalition is a nonprofit that helps people to realize their potential. In the past 18 months, almost three-quarters of a million workers have joined SkillUp for help and guidance in rapid reskilling, putting themselves on the path to a new career.

How SkillUp Coalition works

SkillUp’s role is to help people acquire the skills they need for jobs they want, serving as a “matchmaker” of sorts between prospective employers and employees, and helping people to find the rapid reskilling resources to pursue those relationships.

To do so, SkillUp offers personalized recommendations of local and national in-demand jobs which pay well and have room for advancement, and the training programs that can teach job seekers the skills they need. With more than 400 training programs spanning 30 different career pathways, free weekly career coaching and direct connections to open jobs, SkillUp helps workers achieve their career goals faster by providing guided and personalized career pathways.

With people living longer and changing careers more often, a new form of education — one that doesn’t end at a single vocational program or college degree — is going to be needed to put more people on the path to realizing their potential.

And that’s where SkillUp comes in.

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