Reforming a broken criminal justice system: Stand Together strategy in action

Text: How does that translate to actual change? Brian Hooks in the background

For decades, the United States has addressed the criminal justice system in two narrow ways: You’re either tough on crime or you’re soft on crime. But that approach has only led to false choices and a broken system.

There is a better way to keep our communities safe and create meaningful change. For years, the Stand Together community has worked to reform the criminal justice system with a comprehensive strategy of bringing people together across all institutions of society. By partnering with over 120 education scholars, building a nonpartisan public policy coalition, supporting dozens of community organizations, and activating over 3,000 business leaders, this approach is starting to make real progress on criminal justice reform.

Watch the video to hear Stand Together CEO Brian Hooks discuss Stand Together’s strategy, the progress made, and the work still to be done.

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