Stand Together’s bottom-up approach highlighted in Alexandria Times interview

Brian Hooks on stage

Feature celebrates Stand Together’s work to address some of the nation’s biggest challenges and why Hooks was named to the 2021 TIME100 Next list.

Here is an excerpt from the Alexandria Times: 

“In talking about his recognition by Time, Hooks repeatedly turned the focus back toward his team and the organizations in the Stand Together network. Relentlessly humble, Hooks said he lives by a mantra coined by abolitionist Frederick Douglass: ‘I will unite with anyone to do right and with no one to do wrong.’ That mantra has inspired Hooks’ time and again, he said. Despite the scale and immensity of the challenges Hooks is taking on, he said he never loses hope because he is confident there are others who are willing to stand with him. ‘We know we can’t do it on our own, but we’re also confident that when we can find people who have different perspectives and have different capabilities, when we combine our efforts, we can accomplish a whole lot,’ Hooks said. ‘So, I don’t get discouraged by the challenges. I see them as an opportunity to do something that nobody’s ever done before and to help others realize their potential in a way that benefits everyone.’”

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