A recipe for success: How the NFL is working to help at-risk youth

Cafe Momentum Entrance

Café Momentum, a 12-month culinary internship for youth exiting Dallas County juvenile detention facilities, partnered with Stand Together to shine a spotlight on the bright futures of 10 system-involved youth by convening policymakers, professional athletes, and philanthropists for a one-of-a-kind pop-up dinner at the NFL Draft in Nashville, Tennessee.

By teaching restaurant management, Café Momentum offers teens fresh out of detention hope, purpose, and the skills to build a successful life.

“When you’re told you’re bad your entire life, you just accept it. And that’s not fair. If you actually knew the kids, you would realize just how awesome they are.”

Chad Houser, founder of Café Momentum

And their model is working. 85% of Chad’s interns stay out of jail, which completely upends the national average of almost 1-in-2 who return within 12 months.

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