The School With No Homework and a 98% College Acceptance Rate

No homework. Grades you can change. This school is challenging everything about our approach to education — and it’s working with a 98% college acceptance rate.

“I was blown away. It was unlike any school I’ve ever visited.” – Bill Gates

At Summit, students are given the opportunity to change a grade over time if they show continuous improvement. This is achieved through project-based learning and mentorship. By allowing students to continue working on subjects to improve their grades, Summit builds in the chance to “fail forward” — to learn from your mistakes.

Each student is mentored weekly by their teacher. The mentors stay with students throughout their academic career, providing continued support and offering parents a constant point of contact.

According to Diane Tavenner, research has found that mentoring improves a student’s sense of belonging and success beyond grade school. “If we want to truly prepare our kids to have a chance to live their best life, we need to radically rethink the education we grew up with, and the message it’s sending,” Tavenner says.