This Martin Luther King, Jr. Day we reflect on the work still to be done to foster a more inclusive society

As we reflect on the life of Martin Luther King Jr. and his dreams for a united America — one that embraces citizens of all races equally — it’s clear there is still work to be done to help each American reach their full potential and live out this vision. Stand Together Foundation Board Member and Co-Chair for Heal America, Dr. Buster Soaries, shared the following reflection to mark this year’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day:

“To remember and celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. is to recognize his advocacy for the founding principles of this country. Without those principles, there could be no right or wrong in the public square. To embrace those principles means to accept that there is behavior, both individual and institutional that is unacceptable. And that undermines the integrity of our Republic. When we celebrate the King holiday, we’re asking ourselves, how are we doing in the area of justice? And that justice is defined by the very principles that describe every American as having the right to life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

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  • Photo description: Martin Luther King, Jr. speaking during the Civil Rights March in Washington, D.C.
  • Photo credit: Rowland Scherman