Why delegation matters

Devshi Mehrotra, an entrepreneur, community leader, and co-founder of JusticeText, shares vital insights for budding entrepreneurs. Her first tip? Acknowledging that self-reliance, while initially an empowering feeling, can hinder healthy growth of your company. For Devshi, the most effective way to break free from being the bottleneck is by embracing delegation.

When Devshi made her first hire, who was at first an intern, she began to fully understand the significance of trusting and empowering others — as well as the real potential of a larger team to grow the company.

This shift from micromanagement to collaborative leadership not only fills skill gaps but also accelerates personal growth. Devshi’s journey emphasizes that finding the right team members, who bring skills and enthusiasm, is essential for progress. Her story underscores the entrepreneurial lessons of humility, teamwork, and adaptive leadership, all pivotal for sustainable success.