A Gift Guide for Changemakers

The World’s Most Transformative Restaurant

What do policymakers, professional athletes, and philanthropists all have in common? They believe in the bright futures of youth involved in the juvenile justice system.

All thanks to this single Dallas restaurant.

Café Momentum founder Chad Houser wanted to confront the systemic challenges facing young people exiting the juvenile justice system by sparking a national conversation about juvenile justice reform and creating a support network for youth.

How does the restaurant do this? By offering 12-month paid internships and life-changing support to young people exiting the juvenile justice system – helping them see their worth, and inspiring diners, too.

This award-winning Dallas-based restaurant is now expanding nationwide to provide youth with the opportunities and resources to be successful by applying their unique gifts and abilities inside and outside of the restaurant’s walls.

Shop now at Café Momentum for gifts with purpose this holiday season.