Racial Justice

Two speakers on stage at a Heal America event

What We Believe

We believe America draws its strengths from its ideals — those of equal justice, inclusion, and empowerment reflected in the Declaration of Independence. The extent to which America has lived up to those ideals has unleashed unprecedented progress for our country.

Unfortunately, our country has never fully lived up to these ideals. And where there have been violations of these founding principles, legal, cultural, and social barriers have and continue to disproportionately harm people of color — Black Americans in particular.

The only way to address these injustices is to unite people to more fully live America’s ideals. The Stand Together community partners with people and organizations that are doing this and helping to break the barriers holding people back. Below is a snapshot of those efforts, with a more comprehensive overview available here.

Partnership Highlights

Heal America

Heal America is a movement to fight racial injustice with love and redemption. Inspired by Dr. King’s principles of non-violence, in 2018 the late Bishop Omar Jahwar created Heal America to breathe new life into the power of those ideals — quickly growing from a series of local events into a community of changemakers across the country. With the passing of Bishop Omar in March 2021, Urban Specialists, Stand Together, and thousands of advocates committed to carry forth his vision for a national movement that unites all people to pursue solutions and more fully realize America’s ideals.

The principles of Heal America are also informed by Bishop Omar and Urban Specialists’ more than 23 years of proven experience navigating peace and leading community change. As part of their signature 3-I Methodology, Urban Specialists utilizes the experience of people closest to the problem and cultural influencers to strengthen urban neighborhoods from the inside out. Now led by Antong Lucky, these changemakers build intentional partnerships that can transform communities in cities across America.