The Phoenix and the Transformative Power of Sport

The Phoenix is committed to showing society the results of a deep belief in people, all who have incredible potential — potential that society almost always overlooks. This sober active community and Stand Together Foundation Catalyst, offers a variety of fitness opportunities – from indoor to outdoor, to in-person and virtually – to men and women in substance use recovery.

After just two years of partnering with the Stand Together community, The Phoenix quadrupled in size, including a new flagship gym on Boston’s “Methadone Mile,” a place that’s become a symbol for our country’s opioid crisis.

Back in 2020, The Phoenix teamed up with the Boston Red Sox to continue its national conversation about substance use disorder and to raise awareness of effective bottom-up solutions like The Phoenix. Stand Together went behind the scenes of an inspirational day at Fenway Park hosted by The Phoenix and the Boston Red Sox.

As of this summer, The Phoenix is in 136 communities in states across the country. Imagine the change we can make when we continue to empower and believe in people nationwide!

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