The Power of Radical Empathy: How One Nonprofit Is Overcoming Division

These eight New Yorkers have never met each other.

But by the end of one day, it’s like they’ve known each other for years.

How can this happen in a single day? The answer can be found in Narrative 4, the group that brought them together, and its founder, Colum McCann.

Colum learned from an early age that the best way to break barriers is to build empathy between people – and then to turn that empathy into action. It’s especially impactful for people with different views and from different backgrounds.

As those eight New Yorkers experienced, Narrative 4 brings people face-to-face. They share their personal stories. Then they retell the other person’s story in the first person, as if they lived it themselves.

This novel approach creates a deeper connection and sense of understanding. It powerfully unites people across faith, identity, immigration, violence, and other divisions.

Colum is opening minds and changing narratives across the globe. Now what if more people in America took the time to listen – and learn to think – like each other? Imagine the difference we could make at bridging divides and solving problems together.