Collaborative platform for teachers improves virtual learning

A woman opening a laptop

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented many challenges when it comes to fostering safe and effective learning environments for students. But those challenges have made space for innovation in education and invited new perspectives and solutions to the table as parents, teachers, and educators re-imagined how curriculums could be delivered to students beyond classroom walls.

Cadence Learning, formed in April 2020, developed a solution to help educators keep students engaged in virtual learning, and to ensure teachers were supported throughout the process. Even the best teachers needed help adjusting to a virtual classroom setting, so the organization built a model where dozens of top teachers from across the country helped local teachers be more effective on a virtual platform. Mentor teachers test online lesson plans in advance, and then collaborate with partner teachers on what tactics work best. This collaboration makes all the difference in virtually engaging students and delivering quality lesson plans.

Cadence realized that this model needed to scale quickly to help more students during such a critical time. At the outset of the pandemic, organizations in the Stand Together community committed to supporting a diverse group of innovators in education, including a $1 million investment by Stand Together Trust in the Cadence Learning platform, kickstarting a broader wave of philanthropic support for the organization.

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