New nationwide campaign aims to allow more patients to access care — and it’s working

A doctor explains something on a tablet to an older gentleman

America’s medical professionals are on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic, working tirelessly to treat countless patients around the country. Now more than ever, they need greater flexibility to deliver care to those who need it. 

In response to this growing need, Americans for Prosperity launched a nationwide campaign advocating for reforms designed to give Americans greater access to health care, fight the coronavirus outbreak, and prepare for the next health emergency.  

A host of states have already responded to the recommendations made by grassroots leaders. Kansas and Florida suspended several of their scope-of-practice restrictions, which prevented qualified nurse practitioners and physician assistants from providing care to patients. Other states removed licensing requirements on out-of-state medical providers, allowing more providers to deliver care in-states hardest hit. 

Many states also took swift action by supporting the expansion of an innovative and life-saving health care tool: telemedicine. Specific regulations were removed that allow more people access to telehealth services, enabling them to be treated by a doctor virtually—keeping both patients and healthcare providers safe—and connecting patients in rural areas and those with limited mobility with care from their homes. This will ease the burden on health care systems by enabling providers to diagnose and treat low-risk patients who can recover at home and encourage patients in need of more advanced intervention to receive it in person. 

Other states made reforms that will help them fight COVID-19 and prepare for the next health crisis by suspending certain limitations of their certificate-of-need laws. Without these restrictions, hospitals are able to expand the number of services, medical equipment, and health care providers in order to continue to serve their communities with increased needs. 

“We’re starting to get a glimpse of what’s possible,” said Americans for Prosperity President Tim Phillips. “And it’s why we’re investing heavily in these grassroots efforts to elevate the voices of millions of Americans across the country who have seen what works, and what doesn’t.”

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