New resource for education without a classroom

A family working on school work together at a table

While schools are closed, families need access to more and better tools to make the most of this unprecedented challenge so our kids get the best education they can outside the classroom.

To that end, yes. every kid., a part of the Stand Together community, has launched a new website, and a new social community on Facebook #LearnEverywhere, to help families exchange ideas and suggestions for education without a classroom, called #LearnEverywhere. The site offers lesson plans, virtual experiences, videos, and other resources for parents and educators. Content is broken down by academic subject and grade level to help kids find material best suited to their needs and aptitude. And, the site allows families and educators to add their own content – to allow the bottom up solutions to be more easily shared and distributed.

The content is geared to inspire, connect, and equip. Because no one person or group will solve this, #LearnEverywhere aims to put heads together and surface the best ideas from teachers, parents, students, and others. There’s a premium on soliciting feedback from everyone involved in this effort to better understand what works and what doesn’t.

No one expected these unprecedented circumstances – where millions of children across America can no longer attend their school, which is why we’re encouraged by the outpouring of support parents have offered one another, and the amazing creative solutions Americans have developed to keep their kids engaged and help their kids #LearnEverywhere.

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