The Phoenix: The nonprofit reimagining addiction recovery

The Phoenix, an organization providing safe spaces supporting individuals’ sobriety and fitness journeys, grew a community of transformed people.

Of all Phoenix’s body-boosting pursuits, from hiking to mountain biking, rock climbing is the standout when it comes to personal development. Participants challenge themselves, surrounded by people who understand recovery, and they feel a sense of camaraderie, support, and pride. They also relearn now to trust others, which can be difficult.

Challenging physical activities can also inspire people to discus deeper issues. “For you and I to talk about our deepest pain and anxiety and fear, that’s hard,” says The Phoenix’s founder, Scott Strode. “But for us to take on a challenge together, side by side, it creates some vulnerability, and later can we can get into some deeper stuff… I think we bond when we face some greater adversity together.”

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