Your guide to the best K-12 Education Programs of 2023

Here’s a quick guide to explore some of the top programs – virtual and in-person – that you or someone you know can try for your children. (Or that may inspire you to launch something new!)

Outschool: Virtual Learning That Transforms Lives

What subject really fires up your child? Sign them up for small group or one-on-one help. Consider Isaac who learned how to pursue his passion as a sports photographer and even got to meet an NFL legend (OK, we helped with that part):

Explore Outschool classes here Free Tutoring For Any Student On Any Topic

Does your kid need extra help on a specific topic? This tutoring platform can help them build confidence and master any subject. This video shows how it connects anyone who needs help with anyone who wants to give help:

Check out the options at

Acton Academy: Your Kid Can Find Their Hero’s Journey

Would your child benefit from much smaller classes? These micro-schools are a new version of old one-room schoolhouses. They’ve spread across the country, specializing in game-based learning, real-world apprenticeships, and Socratic discussions to build critical thinking skills.

Find – or launch – your own Acton Academy

4.0 Schools: Launch Your Own Education Revolution

Is there an education innovator in you? This incredible program supports more than 1,200 innovators – of all sizes! – who are now giving 9 million students better education options. Consider UnCommon Construction, an amazing program 4.0 helped incubate, which teaches life skills by tasking their students to build an actual home! Watch:

See if 4.0 Schools can help you get started

The VELA Education Fund: Funding Education Innovators Of All Kinds

Do you need some cash to make your education vision a reality? The VELA Education Fund can give you up to $10,000 to get started, like it did with this outside-the-box project that teaches science through surfing and skating:

Apply for funding at The VELA Education Fund

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