The health care system isn’t living up to its potential. We’re committed to reimagining it.

What We Believe

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed serious flaws in our health care system; namely, the need for better crisis preparedness and fewer restrictions on the delivery of care. But the pandemic also illustrated the fact that medical professionals and innovators can deliver world-class health care if unencumbered by unnecessary barriers.

In our hour of need, rules were loosened to enable businesses to deliver vaccines and therapeutics in record time. And when capacity was pushed to its limits, many restrictions were lifted to allow hospitals and trusted medical professionals to provide life-saving care to more people.

The lesson we must learn from COVID-19 is that to help more people get access to better health care we must empower the heroes on the frontlines of health care innovation and delivery.

That means continuing to allow businesses to rapidly develop life-saving products for patients and families; empowering communities to drive local solutions that protect vulnerable populations and promote healthy lifestyles; enabling more educational institutions to conduct groundbreaking research on the potential of health care in a free society, and, ensuring that our public health policies are not a barrier to any of the above.

At the end of the day, every American should have access to quality, affordable health care and resources that help them live healthier, more meaningful lives. By empowering local leaders to create bottom-up solutions, we can realize this vision.

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